Furnace Installation

Do you need a furnace installation in Kentucky and Indiana? We understand how exhausting it can be to choose the right contractor. When you need Air Conditioning & Heating, Furnace Installation or Preventative Maintenance repairs, Paul Heating and Cooling is your one-stop shop. Our Furnace Installation specialists are the most reliable in Louisville.


Installing furnace

On average, furnaces last between 15-20 years. With proper heating maintenance and regular visits, we’ll check key components such as the blower motor, contractors, relays, electrical assessment, and burners, as well as clean all debris inside the furnace. In addition, we tighten and secure all paneling. To learn more about our Preventative Maintenance program, please contact one of our friendly staff members today.


Kentucky and Indiana get more sun than snow. Still, a furnace is perfect for extra warmth! In winter, you can nap by the fire and stay warm. Before those magical moments, you must install your new furnace. We install furnaces.

Getting Your Furnace Repair

Paul Heating & Cooling licensed technicians are experts in the installation, repairs, and maintenance of all models of air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps. Our HVAC technicians will install your furnace in your home. If a technician finds more problems, many HVAC companies charge per hour, which can lead to high fees. We charge a flat rate based on our average HVAC repair time. Instead of overcharging for slow work, we can charge reasonable rates and work efficiently.

We have installed hundreds of furnaces and air conditioners. We repair furnaces so you can relax. We provide the best furnace installation and repair in Louisville and New Albany!

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